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OpenAccess [GSI-2017-00769] Poster (Outreach)
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Normalization and Authority Control in a Repository Landscape
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OpenAccess [GSI-2017-00057] Poster (Outreach)
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Nachnutzung der gemeinsamen JOIN$^2$ –Repository-Infrastruktur für den KDSF-Objektbereich Publikation?
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OpenAccess [GSI-2015-01789] Poster (Outreach)
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JOIN$^2$ empowering a bibliographic infrastructure to support scientists
Most scientific organizations have established bibliographic databases to collect and present the scholarly output generated by their researchers and research projects. In many cases, an institutional repository is included to enable and promote open access. [...]
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OpenAccess [GSI-2014-00637] Poster (Other)
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Das Open Source Repository Invenio - Features und aktuelle Entwicklungen
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[GSI-2013-05230] Poster (Other)
Glueball masses from ratios of path integrals
By generalizing our previous work on the parity symmetry, the partition function of a Yang-Mills theory is decomposed into a sum of path integrals each giving the contribution from multiplets of states with fixed quantum numbers associated to parity, charge conjugation, translations, rotations and central conjugations. Ratios of path integrals and correlation functions can then be computed with a multi-level Monte Carlo integration scheme whose numerical cost, at a fixed statistical precision and at asymptotically large times, increases power-like with the time extent of the lattice. [...]

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