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[GSI-2019-00546] Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Robust optimization in 4D treatment planning for carbon ion therapy of lung tumors
138 p. () = Dissertation, TU Darmstadt, 2018

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[GSI-2019-00544] Journal Article

Properties of laser-driven hard x-ray sources over a wide range of laser intensities
Physics of plasmas 26(2), 023109 - () [10.1063/1.5081800]
We present measurements of the hard x-ray emission from targets irradiated at relativistic laser intensities, with the objective of comprehensively characterizing source properties relevant to x-ray radiography backlighting in high energy density experiments. Thin gold foil and tungsten wire targets were irradiated at peak laser intensities varying between 10(18) and 10(21) W/cm(2), with laser pulse energies >100 J. [...]
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