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Cover of the GSI Scientific Report 2015 / GSI Report 2016-1
[GSI-Report 2016-1]
The cover shows the newly constructed superconducting GLAD magnet at it’s testing site in Cave-C. The magnet has been constructed as a French-German In-kind contribution and succesfully been delivered to GSI premises in November 2015 [...]

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[GSI-2016-00422] Images

Cover of the GSI Scientific Report 2014 (GSI Report 2015-1)
Darmstadt Technical University, Diss., 2014
From design to implementation: Shown are the quadrupole lenses which are part of the prototype of the proton microscope PRIOR. The target chamber of the HHT experimental area is indicated in the background. [...]
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OpenAccess [GSI-2014-02565] Images
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Cover of the GSI Scientific Report 2014-1
[GSI Report 2014-1]
The cover shows the set-up and the key results of the element $Z=115$ experiment conducted at GSI's gas-filled recoil separator TASCA. The $\alpha$-photon coincidence spectroscopy set-up TASISpec consists of a box of pixelated Si-detectors with surrounding composite Ge-detectors (schematic representation top right) [...]
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OpenAccess [GSI-2013-03506] Images

Cover of the GSI Scientific Report 2012
GSI Report 2013-1, ()
Final target adjustment by Dr. Boutachkov from GSI's Gamma Spectroscopy Department before starting the PRESPEC-AGATA experiment campaign at the FRS at GSI [...]
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