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[GSI-2021-01289] Poster (After Call)

Physics potential of the JUNO Experiment
40th International Symposium on Physics in Collision, AachenAachen, Germany, 14 Sep 2021 - 17 Sep 20212021-09-142021-09-17
The Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) is a multi-purpose neutrino experiment currently under construction in Southern China, expecting to start data-taking in 2023.As its primary goal, it aims to address the determination of the Neutrino Mass Ordering with the study of the oscillated reactor electron anti-neutrino spectrum at a baseline of about 53 km.To acquire a sufficient event statistic and the required unprecedented energy resolution of 3% at 1 MeV, the main detector consists of a large 20 kt liquid scintillator target, instrumented with 17,612 20''-PMTs and 25,600 3'' PMTs and will be placed 700 m underground.This exceptional experimental setup provides the opportunity for JUNO to give significant contributions to various topics in modern particle- and astrophysics.Besides the precision measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters, JUNO aims to measure geo-neutrinos, solar neutrinos, atmospheric neutrinos, and galactic core-collapse supernova neutrinos.Furthermore, JUNO has the potential to be sensitive to the diffuse supernova neutrino background as well as nucleon decays, if existent.This poster gives an overview of the JUNO experiment with a focus on its physics potential on the various topics..

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OpenAccess [GSI-2020-00607] Poster (Other)
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WOMBAT: A modular software for wavefront sensing and optimization at PHELIX
8th Conference of the International Committee on Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers, ICUIL, TU DarmstadtLindau, TU Darmstadt, Germany, 9 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 20182018-09-092018-09-14 [10.15120/GSI-2020-00607]
Many experiments at large-scale laser systems require the highest on-target intensities. This is achieved only for beams with minimal aberration, which becomes more and more difficult to realize for large-aperture laser systems where the beam dimension nowadays exceeds 10 cm. [...]
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[GSI-2019-00379] Poster (Other)
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EP-2142: Implementation of registration quality assurance
Meeting of the European-Society-for-Radiotherapy-and-Oncology, EP-2142, BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain, 20 Apr 2018 - 24 Apr 20182018-04-202018-04-24 () [10.1016/S0167-8140(18)32451-4]

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[GSI-2019-00378] Poster (Other)
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OC-0601: Development and Monte Carlo simulations of a novel 3D range-modulator for proton therapy
37th Meeting of the European-Society-for-Radiotherapy-and-Oncology, OC-0601, BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain, 20 Apr 2018 - 24 Apr 20182018-04-202018-04-24 () [10.1016/S0167-8140(18)30911-3]

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OpenAccess [GSI-2017-00769] Poster (Outreach)
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Normalization and Authority Control in a Repository Landscape
OAI 10 - The CERN - UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly, OAI 10, GenevaGeneva, Switzerland, 21 Jun 2017 - 23 Jun 20172017-06-212017-06-23 [10.15120/GSI-2017-00769]
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OpenAccess [GSI-2017-00057] Poster (Outreach)
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Nachnutzung der gemeinsamen JOIN$^2$ –Repository-Infrastruktur für den KDSF-Objektbereich Publikation?
DINI Workshop Kerndatensatz Forschung, BerlinBerlin, Deutschland, 20 Feb 2017 - 21 Feb 20172017-02-202017-02-21 [10.15120/GSI-2017-00057]
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OpenAccess [GSI-2015-01789] Poster (Outreach)
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JOIN$^2$ empowering a bibliographic infrastructure to support scientists
CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholary Communication, OAI9, GenevaGeneva, Switzerland, 17 Jun 2015 - 19 Jun 20152015-06-172015-06-19
Most scientific organizations have established bibliographic databases to collect and present the scholarly output generated by their researchers and research projects. In many cases, an institutional repository is included to enable and promote open access. [...]
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OpenAccess [GSI-2014-00637] Poster (Other)
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Das Open Source Repository Invenio - Features und aktuelle Entwicklungen
Bibliothekartag, BremenBremen, Germany, 3 Jun 2014 - 6 Jun 20142014-06-032014-06-06
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[GSI-2013-05230] Poster (Other)
Glueball masses from ratios of path integrals
Lattice 2011, Village, Squaw ValleyVillage, Squaw Valley, California, USA, 10 Jul 2011 - 16 Jul 20112011-07-102011-07-16
By generalizing our previous work on the parity symmetry, the partition function of a Yang-Mills theory is decomposed into a sum of path integrals each giving the contribution from multiplets of states with fixed quantum numbers associated to parity, charge conjugation, translations, rotations and central conjugations. Ratios of path integrals and correlation functions can then be computed with a multi-level Monte Carlo integration scheme whose numerical cost, at a fixed statistical precision and at asymptotically large times, increases power-like with the time extent of the lattice. [...]

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